When you are willing to sell or buy some property, while you are not professional buyer or seller, then you must not assign the responsibilities to a person who is neither licensed professional nor experienced. So, better it is to look for the professional with the following specific characteristics:

  1. The professional should be qualified and trained in the relevant walk of life and field.
  2. The hired professional must be registered and licensed by the concerned authorities to invest in the real estate and properties.
  3. The professional must had been concerned and must had worked for significant years in real estate marketing, property dealing, real estate investment and sale & purchase of real estate.
  4. The prospective agent must be familiar with the art of negotiation and dialogue with the buyer and the seller in order to reach at the best possible price and other terms and conditions.
  5. The person, who is already concerned or registered with the company which is buying or selling real estate, must be preferred.
  6. The property dealer must be well acquainted with the real estate market of that area in which the proposed real estate is situated.
  7. The professional agent must also be well aware of the clearance of the current real estate and to continue mortgages with new real estates.
  8. The person, either the legal adviser, attached member or registered with some legal firm, must be preferred in order to continue with and handle all the legal affairs, successfully and expertly.
  9. Any person, who has many good deals in her / his credit must be preferred.
  10. Last but not the least, the person, with any negative credentials in her / his name must be avoided.

Now, you are the authority to decide about my credentials to work for you as your adviser to deal with your real estate affairs.