New Home buyers in Ontario are entitled to claim for HST rebate. This HST rebate is only offer for buyer’s principal residence. the intent to use the home as the primary place of residence must be evident at the outset of buying the home. An investment property, a recreational cottage, or property you might retire to in the remote future are not eligible.

This HST rebate consist of two parts

  • In Ontario new home buyers may also be qualified to claim an Ontario new housing rebate in respect of the provincial part of the HST paid.
  • If you bought new home or do major renovation in your home or a condo in Canada, you may be entitled to claim a new housing rebate in respect of the provincial part of the HST paid

To claim HST rebate buyer need agreement of purchase and sale & copy of statement of adjustment which you can get it by your lawyer

All forms necessary to claim a GST/HST new housing rebate are available on the CRA Web site at www.cra.gc.ca/gsthstpub