When you are thinking to invest in real estate to purchase or sell the property with some real estate dealing agency, you must be careful enough to select the agency very carefully. Every step, taken by you, will affect your present and future investment in real estate.

While thinking about the sale or purchase of the real estate, you must consider and keep following things before your eyes:

  1. Is this firm a registered agency with the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) or with any other registering body or not? If this firm is not registered with the any such agency, don’t get listed in the real estate properties for sale or purchase. When the real estate firm is registered with legal authorities, it means; the legal authorities treats the firm as the reliable one?
  2. Has the listing firm a registered company with the Toronto stock exchange, is registered as the limited company and is also listed in the financial investment board?
  3. If the listing firm is registered with stock exchange, it is the easiest thing to evaluate its stock value. If it is good company, its stock will be a high earning one.
  4. Does the listing firm enjoys good reputation in the real estate property market?
  5. Has the listing firm a number of legal and financial advisors in its portfolio to deal with such affairs?
  6. Is the listing company or firm having the good marketing links and relationships with the various real estate developing and marketing?
  7. Take care of the number of real estate properties and investments, already present in the listing, as these are also a good indicator of the confidence of the real estate seller and purchaser.
  8. Is there any legal case pending against this listing firm?
  9. Is this possible for you to have physical contact with the listing company or its official, i.e. is the company in the city or town or has its offices in such region, where you are, currently, residing.

After evaluating the reputation and the other credentials of the listing company, if you are satisfied with the company, then feel comfortable to register with it.